The Salem Inn Bed and Breakfast Presents GHOSTS—Photos from Jill Pabich’s Exhibit in the Breakfast Room

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Hocus Pocus House, Salem

Derby Wharf, Salem

I take pictures of ghosts. At least where ghosts may be if you look closely enough. I find beauty in wasted, forgotten, and devastated locations. When I take pictures I feel a palpable energy, and I wonder, what happened to these places, and how did they end like this? Who lived here? What did they do during better times, or tragic ones? I get a huge adrenaline rush when I find and photograph these places.

Dolls, Salem

                                                          Shuttered Evening Wear Store, Salem                                               

Over the three years during the pandemic I took thousands of photos from abandoned train lines, a deserted mental hospital, abandoned homes, and Salem’s streets at night. My pictures are admittedly creepy, and I feel like they are a perfect fit for Salem. I hope you do as well.

      Halloween Shadows, Salem

Reflections, Salem

Ghost by the Tracks, Lynn, MA

Branches, Salem, MA


Matted photos are for sale for $50 and can be purchased in the main office.

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