Read All About It! The Salem Inn Bed and Breakfast in Salem, MA, Says Say Hello to Our Zebra Finches!

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When you enter the main office of the Salem Inn, you will hear the cheerfully beeping call of our zebra finches as they sing to each other. Housed in a large cage, they flit back and forth, play on their perches, and have babies! Lots of babies. If you look at the nesting baskets provided for them, you will often see a clutch of small, pale blue eggs nestled inside.

Our guests have enjoyed our zebra finches for 25 years, and believe it or not all 15 birds came from an original pair. Little did we know what a bright and fun circus it was going to turn out to be!

Zebra finches originate in the central arid region of Australia, as well as Indonesia and East Timor. The little guys that look like they put on too much rouge on their cheeks are males. Their beaks are a bright orange as well. The males also have a black and white striped chest, neck and tails. This is where the name zebra finch comes from. The female has a striped tail as well, but the rest of her is a soft gray. This is so she is harder to see while sitting on their eggs.

If you happen to bring a cage with you, be warned, you might end up with a finch or two to take on your travels!



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