Read All About It! The Salem Inn Bed and Breakfast in Salem, MA, Introduces Yuscenia Rodriguez!

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Yuscenia Rodriguez has been with the Salem Inn for 19 wonderful years. She will meet you with a sunny smile and a friendly chat, for meeting guests and getting to know them is her favorite thing about working at the Inn.

Originally from Lynn, MA, which borders Salem, she now lives in Beverly, another adjoining town. Yuscenia has been greeting and checking in guests first as nighttime staff and now as a full daytime employee. Her job titles are Housekeeping Supervisor and Office Supervisor, and as such she oversees the staff schedule, inspects the room for cleanliness, (which is something that the Salem Inn is proud of—how clean the rooms are—thank you Yuscenia)!

Four of her children have worked at the Inn, making the Inn feel even more like a family: Alyssa, Laciana, Kileyen, and Jerome, and her cousin Mateo. They have worked as housekeepers, front desk help, and breakfast servers.

During her free time, Yuscenia lives for football. Her son plays football and her boyfriend is a football coach, and there is lot of bringing her son to games and watching them.

Another hobby she has is getting tattoos. Right now she has 17. She plans on have her whole forearm tattooed with a different flower representing each member of her family.

Another special thing about Yuscenia is that she has what psychics call an “open aura”. We have many psychics that stay at the inn—both the Inn’s reputation as being haunted as well as the energy of Salem itself draws them—and many of them can tell Yuscenia all about herself when they first lay eyes on her. Maria Shaw, a renown psychic and a repeat customer at the Salem Inn, predicted Yuscenia’s divorce, her grandchild’s conception, her fiance winning a championship, among other things.

We at the the Inn can predict that we look forward to having Yuscenia around for many more years!


~Jill Pabich, July 31, 2022

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