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Jennifer MacAllister is one of the main reasons that you will feel like you’re family when you stay at the Salem Inn. She is also one of the reasons that the Inn is as comfortable, clean, and well-run as it is. Jenn has been the general manager for 14 years. She knows where every coffee mug is, how to plug in a Tesla, how to fix that pesky toaster, and how to greet our guests with a genuine smile.


She grew up in the city of Lynn, which is adjacent to Salem. She and her son Nicky, age 15, moved to Salem a year ago, and we are glad to have them even closer! Jenn began working at age 14 as a housekeeper at the Inn, and to our delight, she never left. She is a big part of the Salem Inn family, and owners Dick and Diane adore her.


Her favorite parts of the job are also where she really shines: working with people, whether it is listening to a guest’s story of their haunted experiences at the Inn, meeting someone from another country, helping a guest make reservations over the phone, or hiring new employees. Jenn also has a myriad of other duties: she is responsible for bookkeeping; ordering supplies and keeping track of inventory; coordinating general repairs and upkeep; and managing our staff of 25 people, who she says feel like family to her.


When asked how the Inn has changed while she’s worked here, Jenn responded that the Inn is always changing in a positive way, whether it is implementing contactless check-in during Covid, reducing its carbon footprint by installing solar panels and high-efficiency heat pumps, or responding to guests’ requests for certain amenities in the rooms such as water bottles and refrigerators. Jenn said that in 2017 all three of the Inn’s properties underwent extensive renovations and new kitchenettes and bathrooms were installed. Breakfast has gone from a simple buffet to a full complimentary meal of omelets and waffles.


Jenn also added that Salem has changed quite a bit in the 25 years since she’s been working at the Inn—there are more and more reasons to visit: more good restaurants, attractions, and shops than ever. We think that Jenn is one of those reasons, too. We hope you get to meet her!


Jill Pabich, Innkeeper

May 24, 2o22

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