Dining in Salem
Whether you’re looking for a place to grab drinks, a quick meal or a three-course dining experience, Salem’s restaurant scene will not disappoint you. No matter what you’re in the mood for, our local restaurants offer delicious meals that will satisfy and delight.
Seafood Italian Bar & Grill Bistros & Cafes

Dube’s Seafood Restaurant

(978) 744-9531 | 317 Jefferson Avenue, Salem

For more than 50 years Dube’s has been serving up fresh seafood. Enjoy your lunch or dinner in the restaurant’s casual atmosphere. From stuffed haddock to grilled salmon their menu is full of famous local favorites including the best fried clams in Salem.

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(978) 744-8485 | 86 Wharf St, Salem

For a spectacular meal with an amazing waterfront view, dine at Finz. This restaurant, featuring an innovative raw bar, overlooks the beautiful Salem Harbor. Everyone--landlubbers and seafood fanatics alike--can find something delicious on their menu.

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Lobster Shanty

(978) 745-5449 | 25 Front Street, Salem

Located on the intersection of Front Street and Artist's Row, Lobster Shanty offers great outdoor seating and a stellar seafood menu. Seating is limited and the wait during peak times may be long--but Lobster Shanty is well worth the wait. Phantom Gourmet selected the Lobster Shanty as a Hidden Jewel in Salem.

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(978) 744-9600 | 87 Washington Street, Salem

There’s no better place in town to get sushi than at Salem’s Opus. This quirky, yet progressive restaurant combines eastern and western flavors to create unique sushi rolls and cocktails at their large, modern bar. The Opus Underground lodge also offers lively evening entertainment.

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Sea Level Oyster Bar

(978) 741-0555 | 94 Wharf Street, Salem

Oysters, clams, shrimp and lobster are the main stars of this menu and pair nicely with a cold beer. Enjoy your entree with a side of fried pickles while soaking in unmatched views of the Friendship replica cargo ship and Salem Harbor.

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Turner's Seafood

(978) 745-7665 | 43 Church Street, Salem

Turner’s Seafood at Lyceum Hall provides classic lunch and dinner fare, creative daily specials, authentic shuck and serve oyster bar and the city’s only seafood market. Turner's boasts arguably the most unique restaurant space on the North Shore.

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(978) 594-1832 | 155 Washington Street, Salem

Inspired by the regions of the Adriatic Sea, Adriatic’s menu is full of market-fresh seafood with a Mediterranean twist. Their full wine list of imported blends were selected to enhance the food’s flavors.

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(978) 594-8709 | 288 Derby Street, Salem

Using superior ingredients, homemade dough and classic Italian culinary techniques, every Bambolina pizza is handcrafted to perfection. Your taste buds will be transported to Naples, Italy, as you enjoy your artisan pizza.

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Bella Verona

(978) 825-9911 | 107 Essex Street, Salem

This intimate trattoria offers an extensive selection of authentic Italian cuisine. For dessert, indulge in a homemade cannoli. The restaurant is small with limited seating. We recommend calling ahead and making a reservation.

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Flying Saucer Pizza Company

(978) 594-8189 | 118 Washington Street, Salem

Flying Saucer masters the art of pizza making. With a menu built on seasonal ingredients, Flying Saucer offers a unique and healthy menu. Whether you’re an omnivore, vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free, Flying Saucer has a diversity of pies to satisfy all your pizza cravings.

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Flatbread Company

(978) 744-2829 | 311 Derby Street, Salem

Wood fired pizza, salads, and desserts in the heart of Salem with a bowling alley on the property. Flatbread also features a full line of of local and craft beer, wine and cocktails. Kid friendly!

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Bistros & Cafes

Gulu-Gulu Cafe

(978) 740-8882 | 247 Essex Street, Salem

Located just around the corner from the Salem Inn, Gulu-Gulu Cafe is a bohemian bistro offering an eclectic cafe menu alongside coffee, beer and wine. This sister restaurant to the Flying Saucer hosts a number of live performers.

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Ugly Mug

(978) 745-6844 | 122 Washington Street, Salem

Brunch lovers, look no further. The Ugly Mug Diner offers all the traditional breakfast options, with a collection of sinfully delicious twists. Whether you’re in the mood for a waffle topped with chunks of peanut butter cups, bacon, banana and whipped cream or for eggs benedict, Ugly Mug has a variety of sweet and savory menu items. For the latte and hot chocolate lovers, enjoy an extensive list of unique drink options.

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Life Alive

(978) 594-4644 | 281 Essex Street, Salem

This holistic food restaurant was founded on the belief that good food nurtures the soul and spirit. Featuring an organic vegetarian menu, they offer healthy and flavorful dishes and smoothies.

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Witch’s Brew Cafe

(978) 745-8717 | 156 Derby Street, Salem

If you’re near the waterfront or the House of the Seven Gables during lunch or dinnertime, Witch’s Brew Cafe is a must! A favorite among locals and newcomers alike, here you can enjoy a sandwich, salad, burger and beer. If the weather’s too nice to spend inside, you can take your order to go and eat on Pickering Wharf.

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Red's Sandwich Shop

(978) 745-3527 | 15 Central Street, Salem

This shop is famous for more than just the celebrities who have dined at the establishment! Enjoy classic sandwiches and entrees in this landmark and local favorite.

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Brothers Taverna

(978) 741-4648 | 156 Derby Street, Salem

Brothers Taverna can cater to the couple on a date or to a large crowd of tourists pouring in. With a full bar they serve cold beer and great cocktails. Go in early for breakfast, a healthy lunch or great evening dining experience with entertainment or watch a local game.

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Mercy Tavern

(978) 741-4436 | 148 Derby Street, Salem

Mercy Tavern is committed to delicious, locally sourced and sustainably produced food and drink, and we place tremendous value in fun, friendship and community, so much so that a percentage of every customer’s tab goes directly to organizations that help our community.

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