West House Whirlpool Suites

W10 - Minerva's Treasure

This whirlpool suite is named after the gift shop that occupied this room in the 1980s. Salem souvenirs were sold here along with ornamental gifts and Salem Inn keepsakes. The faux marble painting on the trim and the wall glaze was done by artist Jill Pabich, a member of the Pabich family.

W14 - The Emmerton Room

In 1866, this house was purchased by Jennie Emmerton, who at the time was the wealthiest woman in Salem. She was known to leverage her wealth and stature to advance social causes. Jennie and her father Captain John Bertram, who was equally renowned, donated what is now known as the Emmerton House to the Woman’s Friend Society. Located at 12 Hawthorne Blvd in Salem, the house has been used to provide affordable housing and outreach services to women since 1879 and continues this service today.