West House Classic Rooms

W11 - The Seven Gables Room

There are no gables on the West House. However, if it wasn’t for Caroline Emmerton who grew up in this house, there’d be seven fewer gables in Salem. In 1907, she saved the House of the Seven Gables from destruction. Today the House of the Seven Gables offers visitors the opportunity to walk beautiful gardens, look out over the harbor and experience life as seen through the eyes of Nathaniel Hawthorne himself.

W13 - The Derby Room

You’ll come across the Derby family name often in Salem. Elizabeth Derby was the estranged wife of Captain Nathaniel West, who built and owned this house after their very public divorce. With a passion for righteousness and a flare for the dramatic, Elizabeth orchestrated a public display at the Salem Court House to prove her husband’s infidelity and stake her claim on her property rights as the law allowed in 1806. She was one of the earliest crusaders in America for women’s rights.

W15 - The Zanzibar Room

Edward D. Ropes, one of Salem's most charitable, conscientious and thoughtful men, was U.S. counsel to Zanzibar until a few years before his death in 1902. Ropes called the West House home. He was closely associated with the Emmertons, served on the Salem City Council and was president of Salem Savings Bank (today Salem Five). Despite his public stature, Ropes was a private man who preferred his deeds go unrecognized.

W17 - The Haunted Room

This is the room for those that like to sleep with one eye open. You’ll find countless entries in our guestbooks detailing the strange happenings of this room. No fewer than three ghosts are thought to be roaming the Inn. The first is a woman the staff named Katherine. The second is a little boy who can be heard running up and down the stairs and halls, and, finally, there’s the specter of a cat. Who has made room 17 home?

W19 - The Millionaire Mariner

Elias Hasket Derby was America’s first millionaire and the son of Richard Derby, who built Derby Wharf. Nathaniel West was a master mariner on one of Derby’s ships. West married Derby’s daughter Elizabeth. At first leery of the union, Derby later took West under his wing, enabling him to become a wealthy merchant in his own right. West later built this house.

W51 - The Senator's Room

Stephen P. Webb was one of the earliest residents of the West House and a cousin of Nathaniel West. This room was part of his apartment. Webb, an accomplished lawyer, became mayor of Salem and, ultimately, a representative and a state senator all before age 50.
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