Peabody House Family Suites

P3 - The McIntire Suite

Samuel McIntire is the "architect of Salem" and is responsible for the design and construction of many of the houses in this area including the Peirce-Nichols House and The Gardner-Pingree House. The area of the city where the Inn’s Curwen House is located is known as the McIntire District.

P4 - The Privateer Suite

A privateer is a privately owned vessel commissioned by the government by a Letter of Marque to engage during wartime. At one point, Salem was port to the most privateers in the New World. Many of the attractions in Salem tell the story of privateers and their impact on the city.

P5 - The Driscoll Suite

Kim Driscoll, the current Mayor of Salem is the 50th and one of the longest-sitting mayors in Salem’s history. Mayor Driscoll has overseen tremendous growth and revitalization of Salem during her terms.
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