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C13 - The Pear Room

Danvers, which used to be part of Salem, is home to the oldest pear tree in America. The pear tree is located at 100 Endicott Street in what was originally settled in 1636 as “Salem Village.” The Endicott pear tree is over 375 years old. It was first planted by Governor John Endecott and still bears fruit today. The trompe l'oeil pears were painted by artist Jill Pabich, daughter of owners Dick and Diane.

C22 - The East Indies Room

Trade with the East Indies helped propel Salem’s stature as one of the richest ports in the New World. To this day, the city’s official motto, in Latin, is "Divitis Indiae usque ad ultimum sinum," which translates "To the East Indies until the last lap."

C23 - The Bowditch Room

Salem’s Nathaniel Bowditch was born in 1773. He was an early American mathematician who pioneered modern ocean navigation. His book, the New American Practical Navigator, published in 1802, is carried onboard every commissioned U.S. naval vessel to this day.