Curwen House Deluxe Rooms

C12 - The Corwin Room

The Curwen brothers are descendants of Jonathan Corwin, a judge in the Salem Witch Trials. The family changed the spelling of the name over time, so as not to be associated with Corwin. He was a wealthy merchant, politician and magistrate.

C21 - The Grand Turk Room

Salem’s Elias Hasket Derby was the owner of the Grand Turk, the first vessel from New England to ever trade directly with China. The impact of Old China trade on Salem can still be seen today in the grandeur of historic mansions along Essex Street, and studied at the extensive collections of the Peabody Essex Museum.

C24 - The Bell Room

Alexander Graham Bell’s first public demonstration of the telephone on February 12, 1877, took place at the Salem Lyceum Society, the current location of Turner’s Seafood on Church Street. You’ll enjoy the food at Turner’s, but be sure to call ahead.